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The benefit of the GRENKE brand

Businesses that do not generate ideas have no viable long-term future. Ideas are the most important competitive capital and are at the heart of every powerful brand. As an enterprise that strives to actively shape the future of its chosen market segment, GRENKE has an ambitious philosophy: to “grab the bull by the horns” and make the most of every opportunity that comes along. We always look to the future and aim to create the conditions that foster further growth. Establishing our brand on the European market is part of this strategy.

GRENKE has already taken the first steps towards this goal. Thanks to our customer-centric diversification – providing end-to-end renting, leasing, banking and factoring services – and our European expansion, we have prepared the ground for even greater success in the future. This means that we have fulfilled the two core criteria for making a reality our mid-term goal of becoming a strong European brand.


We are well on our way towards taking up a unique position on the European market. We want to become the driving force within our chosen segment and become the leading provider of financial services for SMEs. As a financial services specialist, we continuously strive to gain an even fuller understanding of our customers’ imperatives in order to provide a complete service offering of excellent quality.

GRENKE enjoys an excellent reputation among partners and customers. For many decades, our company and its services have been associated with rock-solid values that make us stand out from the competition and strengthen our day-to-day business. Customers benefit from attractive offerings, user-friendly processes, excellent personal advice and assistance, custom-tailored terms and our extensive network of branch offices throughout Europe. The GRENKE Group combines specialist knowledge with unparalleled insight into its customers’ industries and has the expertise and resources to ensure complete satisfaction.

The combination of these success factors – attractive offerings, a clearly defined target group, market leadership and strong values – makes us unique. We aim to leverage these factors in our communications to the benefit of our shareholders, retail partners and customers.